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We at Level-Rite Products are proud to introduce our new Arrowhead Plaques. Versatile, durable, and stylish.

We have taken this symbol of our American heritage and created an art form.

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Level-Rite Hanger Straight, secure wall mount. >>Click here.


The first adjustable steel mounting hanger for all game - from the smallest fish to the largest moose.

Made from heavy carbon steel, zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. Special offset design clears screw heads - no more bending hangers by hand. With a perfectly flush wall mount, Level-Rite saves you time, money, and aggravation! Even with lopsided antlers or a severe mannikin turn, Level-rite allows you to adjust the hanging point to the left or right for perfectly level mounts every time.

This new product is a big hit within the taxidermy industry. Over 20,000 Level-Rite hangers have been sold in the first few months since it's introduction. Now available in seven sizes.

The Complete Line of Level-Rite Adjustable Mounting Hangers
Level-Rite 1001 Hanger >> More Details
Level-Rite 1002 Hanger >> More Details
Level-Rite 1003 Hanger >> More Details
Level-Rite 1004 Hanger >> More Details
Level-Rite 1005 Hanger >> More Details
Level-Rite 1006 Hanger >> More Details
Level-Rite 1007 Hanger >> More Details



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